Children’s Hospital Outreach

The vision: Giving children and their families a chance to sample a taste of the museum experience.

Project Summary:  The relationship with Birmingham Children’s hospital began as a result of bookings to deliver our standard outreach offer within the hospital school. We have gone on to visit the school 6-8 times per year and to work with pupils from Key Stage 1 up to Key Stage 3.

We have also made several visits to the wards to deliver science busking activities at bedsides.

We took part in a family fun day in the outdoor play space within the hospital this gave us the opportunity to run messy activities not normally suitable as part of our ward visits.

The hospital is geographically close to Millennium Point so visits have been made by some of the children to the IMAX cinema.

Your contact name: Lorraine Kenny

Your organization: Thinktank, Birmingham

Participants: Children and their families being cared for at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital

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