Creative Apprenticeships

The vision: To create entry level job opportunities in the science museum sector so as to encourage those interested in following a more vocational career path to develop within the organisation

Project Summary: The recently developed Creative Apprenticeships seemed like an ideal way to train and employ local young people, allowing them to gain on-the-job training and a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it.  Working closely with a local training provider, Thinktank’s first creative apprentice will have completed Level 2 and Level 3 in just over a year.

The role combines 2 existing jobs within Thinktank, that of Gallery Enabler which focuses on the visitor experience within the museum and helping visitors of all ages to interact with the science interactive exhibits; and Commercial Assistant, which involves high levels of customer service and developing retail skills.

Whereas science is often viewed as being very academic, Thinktank is offering entry-level jobs to roles involving science communication within a vocational framework.  This opens the door to young people who are not yet sure of their direction in life by giving them the chance to learn while they earn and really see if this career is for them.

Your contact name: Catherine Price, Thinktank, Birmingham

Participants: Local young people looking for a different type of learning & working experience

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