Hopes and expectations ahead of the CASC conference

The delegates' expectations and aims ahead of the conference

When the delegates arrived at the conference they were asked to write their hopes and expectations for the event on pieces of paper, which were then displayed on boards outside the conference suite. Below are some of the things which the delegates hoped to get out of the conference:

  • building relationships witrh participants and learning best practice
  • to discuss the difficulties and results achievd from the activities
  • to put forward very reasonable and practical recommendations
  • to learn new methods of science communication
  • hope to meet the targets we set ourselves 2 years ago
  • to have an overview and step backwards
  • clarify the role and importance of science communication and relations with the public at both local and European policy level
  • to have the opportunity to meet more museum professionals
  • to create links with places
  • capitalise on results to create sustainable outcomes
  • good networking opportunity
  • to address challenges in science communication and find potential tools/solutions
  • to develop partnerships
  • to come up with a set of conclusions and policy objectives
  • to find new colleagues and friends
  • to establish international co-operation and sharing knowledge/ best practice
  • to develop a coherent, practical, effective plan for continuing CASC ambitions beyond the lifetime of the project
  • to understand how to better disseminate the results of the CASC project to local and national authorities
  • how to implement/transfer innovative actions in science communication in our own countries
  • to exchange ideas
  • to find out what policies we should be recommending to advance science education
  • to network and identify new potential partners
  • to find out how universities can develop the role of science communicators as a vehicle for public engagement with science
  • to clearly establish policy recommendations regarding science education in the EU
  • to set a starting point for further work
  • to agree on the most significant ideas and strategies we believe the EU should adopt
  • to provide a platform for the CASC actions to be shared with the science communication community
  • recommendations for regional authorities
  • responsibilities of scientists
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