Opening New Doors Insight session

The vision: To increase the knowledge and awareness of Thinktank and its resources among third sector organisations in Birmingham who work with children aged 7-15, who are at risk of social exclusion. The aim of this event is to enable community groups to plan their visit more effectively, ensuring these organisations get the most out of their visit, meeting their own objectives.

Project Summary:  Thinktank hosted a learning/networking event, targeted towards third sector organisations to give them a deeper understanding of the learning opportunities available to the public and an opportunity to explore links between the museum and their own work objectives. This was to encourage organisations to make better use of their local science museum supporting them in achieving their work outcomes. This session was developed due to an identified need, highlighted through ongoing requests and discussions with community organisations.

The half day session involved a combination of talks and activities covering the following: how a science museum can be used to support their work; a guided tour of the galleries; interactive group activities using house-hold objects designed to prompt  enquiry and ended with tips and resources to support further science related project development.

By the end of the session community workers testified that they were able to identify links between areas of the museum and their own area of work. The desired outcome of the session was to increase visits from community organisations who are able to support visits for families who may find the cost of entry to Thinktank a barrier.

Your contact name: Nichole Samuels

Your organization: Thinktank, Birmingham

Participants: Community workers, based in Birmingham, whose clients are families or children age 7-15, identified as being at risk of social exclusion.

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