Outreach Programme – Our surrounding man-made radiation

What is it?

A young active scientist and a science centre educator together pay visits to schools to do workshops, at first with teachers and later on with the children.  A special car is dedicated for this project loaded with expensive scientific instruments and laboratory equipment.  Teachers as well as pupils have the possibility to take part in, discuss and learn about the most recent scientific advances and results in a certain topic – directly from someone who performs the research. The project also includes activities with a general public, like people at a shopping centre.

It is the role of the science centre educator to ensure that the pedagogic level is right.  Hopefully we make a strong and lasting input in the way of teaching science at early ages.

Does it work?

We’ve found this a successful means of engaging with a variety of audiences.

Advice if you’re thinking of trying it:

Just do it!

Contact for more information:

Sten Lungstrom (Sten.ljungstrom@universeum.se)

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