Science and SMEs – changing environments and changing behaviours

One very interesting aspect of the CASC project which was aimed at a slightly different audience was the strand which looked at educating and working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to change their behaviours and think about sustainability in their environment and the energy they use.

An event held at Birmingham City University explored the opportunities that businesses have for harnessing science and adapting what they do to benefit the environment. From the videos above you’ll see that the speakers looked at how universities work together on science projects and how they can work alongside businesses to get them using new technologies and new methods which have positive effects for energy usage and sustainability.

This is a good example of sharing best practice and looking at the ways that science works in practice in everyday society. The idea of a mutual audit – discussed in the video of Jon Hickman’s presentation – where organisations video audits of their environmental habits in the workplace and share these with other organisations, is a neat concept for how businesses can also work together and learn from each other.

There’s more information captured from the event here. You can watch the videos via the gallery above or by using the changingbehaviours tag at Vimeo.

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