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Some of the most interesting science thoughts and links from around the web:

Does blogging devalue science journalism? – NOTICING/ SCIENCE
“Last week, i had coffee with my sort-of mentor, a veteran science journalist who i admire greatly and never miss a chance to chat with. She read the blog article i posted at SciAm last month, liked it, but pressed me about my motives–“My only question is–why is it on a blog. Why didn’t you publish it?””

Is science going faster than policy? – Wilton Park
“Has the pace of scientific discovery and change overhauled the capacities of the non-proliferation regimes set up to guard us from the perils of biological and toxic weapons?”

What Counts As Successful Outreach? – Uncertain Principles
“one issue that came up again and again that I think is appropriate for the blog, which is what should be considered as a successful effort, particularly in the online world.

A large number of the proposals we were considering had “new media” components to them– videos to be placed on youTube and the like, web sites with informative descriptions of physics topics, blogs about physics, and so on. One of the things we argued about at length is how to measure the impact of these sorts of items.”

And a new find: Science Seeker a science blog aggregator that may be interesting.

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