Café Scientifique

What is it?

The aim of a Café Scientifique is to convey scientific knowledge in a simple, entertaining way.  They are a form of education performance delivered by scientists and actors in bars and cafés.  The idea is to involve the whole audience in participating in the performance, by asking questions and challenging the scientists.

Does it work?

The approach is extremely effective.

At Xunta de Galicia we piloted the initiative by running 12 Cafés in 4 small towns.  Attendance was very high, even more so after the first café as the good experience was spread by word of mouth.  The public, very reluctant at the start of the event was very participative and introduced questions and debate once the mistrust was overcome.

Advice if you’re thinking of trying it:

  • Choose public locations usually crowded during periods appointed for the performance.
  • Advertise the activity locally, in collaboration with local media.
  • Use appealing titles to attract public attention.

Contact for more information:

– Xunta De Galicia


Casto Rivadulla / Xurxo Mariño
Medicine Department
University of A Coruña

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