Physics Factory

The Physics Factory is a Project that aims to take action on the decline of physics in British schools and universities with its resulting damage to Britain’s competitiveness in a technological world.

It objectives are to:

  • Offer tuition to GCSE and A level students and to increase the numbers studying Physics at a higher level
  • Promote and provide excellence in continuing professional development for Physics teachers

It comprises two fully equipped physics laboratories, each staffed by a full time teacher.  City schools who do not have a dedicated physics teacher can send children between the ages of 14 to 19 for physics lessons.  This can either be to supplement general science lessons in school or as a way of providing a GCSE/ A Level Physics course that the school would otherwise have been unable to offer.  In addition, Physics Factory provides CPD courses for teachers to inspire more innovative physics teaching in schools.

The project has proved to be extremely successful.  In January 2010:

29% of students accessing our tuition achieved A*/A  GCSE grades and 44% achieved higher than their target grades

The number of GCSE students tutored intending to study A level physics has increased from 20% to 42%

98% of students say they enjoy tuition at the physics factory and 88% say they learn more when they are there

Demand for the facilities and services provided by the Physics Factory has already outstripped supply – a facility 3 times its size would still be full.

For more information, contact John Booth – Project Leader – or visit

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