Science Lounge

What is it?

Science Lounge is an extension of the Science Café idea, developed by INNOVA.

INNOVA run a Science Café every 3rd Monday of the month, during university semesters.  It is not practical to do this during the summer holiday, but we wanted to give young people the opportunity to learn about science, during the summer too.  As a result, we joined forces with the organisers of one of Hungary’s largest youth festivals, which takes place every July in Debrecen, attracting more than 48,000 young people into the town.  During the 3 days of the festival, our tent, the Science Lounge, offered Science Café style presentations in different scientific topics for young people, and in the evening we organized light music (jazz, club music).

Does it work?

We found it extremely effective.  During the 3 days more than 300 young people visited our programmes, which provided a new way to reach the young generation, to engage them in science.

Advice if you’re thinking of trying it:

It is very significant to choose the best way of the communication. You have to consider, which are the channels, that reach the young people, and you have to use them for the active communication. You have to provide something new and interesting for the audience, especially if you choose hot topics. E.g. During the festival we organized presentations which focused on the scientific and innovative background of how to produce beer and wine.

Contact for more information:

Krisztina Tóth

Junior Manger

Unit of external relations

INNOVA Észak-Alföld Nonprofit Ltd.


Mobile: 00 36 30 730 5152

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