Support for Talented Students

What is it?

A project which aims to offer high school students gifted in natural and technical science an opportunity to develop their talents and to offer their teachers effective tools to support students with exceptional abilities.

It does this by offering:

  • grants to cover the cost of educational activity,
  • opportunities to work on research projects,
  • internships at local universities and research centres
  • e-learning courses and excursions with previous on line education lessons
  • one off excursions and visits to the top research centres and science institutions in the Czech Republic and Europe
  • a network for high school teachers

Does it work?

The programme has proven sucessful.

A quote from a student who became an intern at local university:

An internship was for me absolutely wonderful experience; I was involved in the top research at the university and gained experience I would never dream of at the high school.

Advice if you’re thinking of trying it:

Allow lots of time to establish a close relationship with the high school teacher as they become your key link in communication with students and they provide great part of “field work” in recognition of gifted students.

Contact for more information:

Dana Bekker Vejborná (

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