Science Museums in Sweden

The ‘Agora project’ is working to establish Hungary’s first Science Museum.  Here is what they learnt from visiting Universeum, Sweden’s largest Science Museum.

Overall aim of the study visit: to exchange good practices between AGORA coordinators and the Swedish Science Museum Universeum in the subject of operational and management issues of a Science Museum in order to help the launch of Agora Project.

AGORA Project is aiming the: „Formation of Science Theme Park in the Botanical Garden of the University of Debrecen” and will build a Scientific Theme Park.

Results of the study visit:

During the study visit we had an opportunity to introduce the Agora project to the management of Universeum, and got insight into the daily workings of Sweden’s largest Science Museum. During the visit a lot of useful advice was given to the coordinators of AGORA, with a special focus on how much work is the construction and daily operation of Science Museum.

During the meeting, we highlighted the need of the wide range sponsorship, the well-established management structure and the definition of the relevant function.

Special attention was paid to the development of thematic exhibitions, the lifecycle of the exhibitions, which basically determines the long-term success. We were discussed about the Pricing Policy, especially the discounts and promotions. This information will get strategic importance, after the definition of the target group of AGORA.

The key priority of AGORA is the Public Engagement in Science. The long-term objectives are to link the AGORA activities to the University Education, and revise the possibility how to integrate it into the Credit System –based on the Swedish example.

After the meeting we had opportunity to look around in Universeum with the guidance of Sten Ljungstrom. He explained us how they plan a new exhibitions, and the organizing tasks. We experienced how important is to provide target group relevant activities for visitors, how indispensable is the right scientific and technical content. The entertainment function was also emphasised, because the science and fun duplex brings the expected success.

Overall, useful experiences and information were added to the coordinator team of AGORA, so the CASC has also contributed to the launch of the Science Theme Park Debrecen- Hungary’s first Science Museum.

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  1. Great Report! Is there a website for the Universeum? I’d love to read more about it, and check out what it has to offer.

    Also, will the largest Science Museum in Sweden, feature a planetarium? After visiting La-Corunna’s science museums, the most emblematic part of the House of Sciences (one of the science museums) was the planetarium. It’s like a hidden gem that all sciences museums should have 🙂

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