Thinktank Planetarium, Facebook and how to inspire people

Welcome to the Thinktank Planetarium Facebook page!

Here at the planetarium we have a pleasant task…how to make astronomy, science and fulldome (360-degree) video technology sexy? Our Facebook page attempts to achieve this, and promotes the work the planetarium team does daily. Presenting astronomy shows every day teaches us one thing…you need to keep the content up to date, local and relevant to peoples lives.

Visit our planetarium page, and you will find the latest and coolest astronomy/cosmology news in the form of breathtaking images, videos and shows; as well as the latest developments in the fulldome medium (eg. the Fulldome Film Festival happening at Thinktank in March). Astronomy as a science is beautiful, and here at the planetarium we marry astronomy with music, theatre, art and even poetry.

The next generation of astronomers and astronauts are being taught by us everyday, and we have a responsibility to ensure they appreciate the science of astronomy without necessarily having to understand it.

We arouse the natural curiosity that lives inside all children, and show them that the Universe is inside us, we are indeed, in a very deep sense part of the Cosmos.

To find out more, just visit us online at and let us take you on a 360-degree journey through the Cosmos in style!

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